7.24 June 08, 2023

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the original files to not be erased when using the "Extract and Delete" function.
  • Changed the icons of the compression/extraction progress window.
  • Minor issues fixed

7.23 May 15, 2023

  • Added preset list menu button in the dashboard window.
  • Added an option to open files after compression in the Compress window.
  • Added new language support (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Minor issues fixed

7.22 Mar 30, 2023

  • Changed the default option for Unicode file names to NFD.
  • Fixed an issue where the password had to be re-entered when viewing a password-protected file with the built-in image viewer.
  • Minor issues fixed

7.21 Mar 3, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where images were not displayed in the built-in image viewer.
  • Minor issues fixed

7.20 Feb 22, 2023

  • New: Built-in image viewer
  • New: App Nap option
  • New: NFD filename option
  • Fixed: auto-password error on some 7z files
  • Fixed: Slow operation in the background state
  • Fixed the location of the checksum window and added a function to copy the result
  • Fixed comment input to be wrapped with enter when compressing
  • Added Preset Help button
  • Changed the icon of the Preferences tab
  • Fixed: Execution error when extracting some compressed APP files
  • Fixed an issue where a hang occurs when exiting.
  • Minor issues fixed

7.19 Oct 31, 2022

  • Support macOS Ventura (13.0)
  • Added new languages (Greek, Slovak)
  • Added file name formatting option when compressing
  • Added keep extensions option when compressing
  • Fixed parallel decompression bug
  • UUE, XXE, PEA archive file support
  • Minor issues fixed

7.18 June 29, 2022

  • New: Auto-password
  • Fixed event bug while recovering password
  • Minor issues fixed

7.17 May 30, 2022

  • Fixed an error when starting password recovery
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails were not displayed in encrypted archive
  • Fixed bugs related to solid compression
  • Minor issues fixed

7.16 Apr 11, 2022

  • New: Image Preview in Archive
  • Fixed an error that occurs when canceled extraction once and then extracting again
  • Added "Extract with Bandizip" in the services menu
  • Minor issues fixed

7.15 Jan 20, 2022

  • Fixed an issue that can't launch App with "App is damaged" message
  • Fixed an issue about the temporary folder specified by the user
  • Added function to export/import the preferences
  • Minor issues fixed

7.14 Dec 15, 2021

  • Fixed an issue that can't launch App with "App is damaged" message
  • Fixed an issue that displays the focus on the toolbar when in dashboard mode
  • Restoring Posix attributes when extracting
  • Added close button in the wizard dialog
  • Fixed that the selected codepage is not displayed in the toolbar
  • Minor issues fixed

7.13 Nov 10, 2021

  • Support macOS Monterey
  • Added an option for the language of the Finder right-click menu
  • Fixed to close the completed task window when the app is closed
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes could not cancel when extracting a compressed file with many files
  • Minor issues fixed

7.12 Oct 19, 2021

  • Improved the Password Recovery
  • Fixed incorrect file hash value calculation
  • Added the feature "parallel extraction" for ZIP archives
  • Fixed a security issue that may occur when decompressing NSIS and TAR archives
  • Minor issues fixed

7.11 Aug 26, 2021

  • Fixed an issue where the settings wizard was repeatedly displayed at first
  • Fixed a problem that freezing occurred when the password was wrong when decompressing
  • Minor issues fixed

7.10 Aug 24, 2021

  • New UI design
  • New preset feature
  • New file hash calculation feature
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes displayed as a broken app when decompressing and running the compressed app file
  • Added error message display when compressing with GZ format
  • Improved app stability
  • Minor issues fixed

7.09 June 15, 2021

  • Fixed: Files were not added when executing "Compress with Bandizip" with selected files in the Finder .
  • Minor issues fixed

7.08 June 2, 2021

  • Fixed: An error may occur when opening an archive encrypted with a Unicode password
  • Fixed: The password input window was displayed twice when opening an archive with an encrypted header.
  • Fixed: "Apply to all" option in the password input window is applied to each extraction window.
  • Fixed: Incorrect status display of the Finder Extension function
  • Fixed: Incorrect position of the Finder Extension Setup Wizard
  • Fixed: App icon shadows
  • Fixed: Incorrect total file size when many files were added in the Compression Window.
  • Support "deb" file decompression
  • Minor issues fixed

7.07 Apr 21, 2021

  • Fixed: The password input window was not displayed when opening a split 7z archive file with a password
  • Fixed: The split compression option was not automatically activated when entering the split size manually
  • Fixed: When opening an archive file with encrypted header, it is displayed again even if the password input window is cancelled
  • Minor issues fixed

7.06 Mar 31, 2021

  • New App Icon
  • New: Comment option for compressing with ZIP/ZIPX format
  • New: Option for activating the Finder menu in the external volume
  • New: Advanced option "Store hard links/symbolic links" when compressing with the TAR format
  • New: Wizard for the Finder extension setting
  • New: Decompressing the first file automatically when a user decompress a file that is not the first file of a multi-volume archive
  • New: Czech language
  • Fixed: "Delete the archive after extracting" did not work with a multi-volume archive.
  • Fixed: "Open the folder after extracting" did not work
  • Fixed: Empty symlink folders were not included while compressing when the "Enable Symbolic link" option is off
  • Supports decompression of 7z files compressed with bzip2 algorithm
  • Fixed decompression error when the file name contains special characters
  • Fixed UDF format decompression error
  • Improved stability in multithreaded compression
  • Minor issues fixed

7.05 Feb 4, 2021

  • New: Added exclude file filter option for compression
  • New: Supports extraction of a ZIP file compressed with zstd algorithm
  • Fixed: No image preview while browsing an archive file with password
  • Fixed: An error while extracting a ZIP file without local header
  • Fixed: An error when modifying an archive file in a folder without write permission
  • Fixed: Slow when opening a corrupted archive file
  • Fixed: An error when closing the window while opening an archive file
  • Fixed: An error when opening a RAR5 archive with encrypted header
  • Minor issues fixed

7.04 Nov 26, 2020

  • Fixed: Error on "Open" a file in the archive
  • Fixed: App crashes when any prefix is set in the Password Recovery
  • Fixed: "All" characters option does not work in the Password Recovery
  • Fixed: Enabled drag and drop in the Password Recovery
  • Fixed: No information for a file in the Password Recovery
  • New: Option for cascaded finder menu
  • Support decompression of 7z archives with Zstandard algorithm
  • Display Zstandard and Brotli algorithm information in the file list
  • Minor issues fixed

7.03 Nov 16, 2020

  • New: Support "Apple Silicon"
  • New: Password Recovery
  • New: Displaying CPU information in "About Bandizip" dialog
  • Fixed: Black text color in "About Bandzip" dialog in dark mode
  • Fixed: Slow-speed when compressing small files with 7z
  • Fixed: Incorrectly checked menu in the "View" menu
  • Fixed: Error when extracting multi-volume RAR5 archive
  • Minor issues fixed

7.02 Sep 17, 2020

  • Improved processing speed of repairing archive.
  • Fixed to apply the option to exclude resource fork files when decompressing tar
  • Fixed abnormal UI problem if you cancel while decompressing a multi-volume archive
  • Fixed that the file name was not displayed when decompressing a multi-volume archive
  • Fixed to apply UI settings immediately when the preferences are initialized.
  • Minor issues fixed

7.01 June 22, 2020

  • New: An option for the number of threads for 7z compression
  • New: Added option buttons to the Extraction/Compression window
  • Fixed: Changed the limit of thread count to 64 while compressing.
  • Fixed: Display progress of opening an archive file when extracting
  • Fixed: Progress and messages are not displayed normally during repairing damaged archive file
  • Fixed: Time information of some folders was incorrectly processed when extracting
  • Fixed: The compression ratio was set lower than the setting value when compressing with 7z format
  • Fixed: Deleting the split archive files when the "Delete the archive after extracting" option is checked
  • Fixed: Sometimes prevented cancellation while extracting.
  • Minor issues fixed

7.0 Apr 13, 2020

  • New: Repairing Archive
  • New: Advanced options for a compression
  • New: option to not include a root folder if there is only one root folder when compressing.
  • Fixed: Some TAR file errors
  • Fixed: Displaying broken toolbar
  • Fixed: Crashing when the additional information column was activated
  • Displaying file link information to additional information
  • Minor issues fixed

6.13 Mar 4, 2020

  • New: Additional information column
  • New: Changing row height of file list
  • New: Column width automatic alignment in tree view
  • Changed default option for "Use UTF-8 filenames in Zip files" to ON
  • Show warning if an archive file is broken or missing multi-volume files
  • Fixed: Wrong permission dialog when opening an archive file using file history menu
  • Minor issues fixed

6.12 Feb 4, 2020

  • Fixed: Error in "Compress to each File/FolderName"
  • Fixed: Can't save passwords to the password manager with blank "Display name"

6.11 Jan 28, 2020

  • New: Password manager
  • New: ZIPX compression
  • New: Brotli decompression
  • New: Remember last used compression format
  • Fixed: Delay when opening a compressed file
  • Fixed: Errors when extracting multiple RAR files simultaneously
  • Fixed: Error when renaming files in a zip file.
  • Fixed: Error when extracting some TAR file
  • Fixed: Test fails when testing after 7z compression with non-ASCII password
  • Fixed: Can't click "Allow" on permission dialog for a file in a symbolic link folder
  • Apply the compression level stored in the preference when compressing in the Finder
  • Minor issues fixed

6.10 Oct 11, 2019

  • Fixed: the password was entered differently when compressed with the ZIP format in the macOS Catalina
  • Fixed: compression fails if there was spaces after the folder name to compress

6.09 Sep 18, 2019

  • New: MP3 file preview
  • New: Added toolbar type change function
  • New: Added the menu to hide the status bar
  • New: ZST file decompression support
  • New: Added option for a user to specify a temporary folder
  • New: Added option to display short file size
  • New: Show the file which double-clicked in the find window
  • New: Added option to ignore case in the find window
  • Fixed: Crash when opening a certain file
  • Fixed: Error on duplicate check while renaming files or creating a new folder (NFD)
  • Fixed: Error when double-clicked the column header of the file list
  • Enhanced online help
  • Enhanced drop overlay display
  • Minor issues fixed

6.08 June 10, 2019

  • New: Finding files
  • New: NFD unicode filename option
  • New: Column width automatic alignment function
  • Fixed: Crash when extracting compressed file with folder name containing "@"
  • Fixed: Enabled clipboard shortcut keys when entering text
  • Minor issues fixed

6.07 Mar 20, 2019

  • New: TAR,GZ,TGZ Compression
  • New: ACE Decompression
  • New: Display icon for the symbolic link
  • Fixed: Incorrect estimated time of files during extraction
  • Fixed: Improved display of estimated time for extraction
  • Fixed: "Apply to all files" option on the password dialog did not work
  • Fixed: Symbolic link files can not be added to the archive file
  • Fixed: Unnecessary files were added when compressing symbolic link of a folder
  • Fixed: Incorrect time of symbolic links after compression
  • Fixed: Incorrect time of a new folder
  • Fixed: Incorrect file time in the ISO format
  • Minor issues fixed

6.06 Jan 28, 2019

  • Fixed: Folder structure was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed: Always open the parent folder when "Open the folder after extracting" option is applied
  • Fixed: Apply "default" codepage when compressing with "Auto-detect" codepage option

6.05 Jan 23, 2019

  • New: Added Symbolic link processing option
  • New: Added option to change language in the Preferences
  • New: Added option to hide icons on the Finder right-click menu
  • Improved performance when opening a compressed file with many files
  • Delete temporary files when the compressed file is closed
  • Fixed UI for the Dark Mode
  • Minor issues fixed

6.04 Nov 27, 2018

  • Support Mojave Dark Mode
  • New: Can change the order of the file list columns
  • Fixed: Show warning instead of error if symbolic link's target file does not exist
  • Fixed: "__macosx" folder is not excluded even if the option of preferences is set when compressing
  • Minor issues fixed

6.03 Sep 6, 2018

  • New: Enhanced decompression performance up to 200%
  • New: Can edit the comment of the archive file
  • New: Show filename while split compressing
  • Fixed: No action when double-clicking on a file item in tree-type view
  • Fixed: Wrong path when extracting files by drag&drop in tree-type view
  • Fixed: No preview if file extension is not lowercase
  • Fixed: Doesn't apply the changed language after restarting the app
  • Fixed: The advanced settings is changed to the initial value
  • Minor issues fixed

6.02 Aug 13, 2018

  • New: File list view in tree format
  • New: Close button for help in the dashboard
  • Fixed: Password error when the file name is encrypted
  • Fixed: File open error after multi-volume compression in 7z format
  • Fixed: Can't extract specific RAR/RAR5 format file
  • Minor issues fixed

6.01 2018/5/31

  • New: Command+A key to select all files
  • New: Custom UI theme color
  • New: Retina image for the toolbar icon
  • Fixed: Misaligned dialog position.
  • Minor issues fixed

6.0 2018/5/17

  • New: Customization of the finder menu
  • New: UI Theme feature
  • Fixed: Overwriting archive file when compressing to each "File/FolderName.zip" if the file names are the same
  • Fixed: Initialize access folder list when resetting preferences
  • Minor issues fixed

1.13 2018/4/18

  • Fixed: The Finder extensions terminate if right-click on blank space of the Finder
  • Fixed: Too much time to compress folders with many subfolders
  • Minor issues fixed

1.12 2018/4/11

  • New: Compression / decompression function with right-click menu of the finder
  • New: Compressing to each file / folder name
  • New: The finder menu setting button on the security tab of Preferences
  • Fixed: Too much memory used during compression of many files.
  • Minor issues fixed

1.11 2018/3/7

  • New: Synchronize preferences with iCloud
  • New: Image preview in solid archive file
  • New: Popup menu enabled in the preview window
  • Fixed: Error when adding or deleting files on the new archive dialog
  • Fixed: Can't save/load the option for 7z header encryption
  • Fixed: Incorrect error when compression failed
  • Minor issues fixed#endlang

1.10 2018/2/8

  • New: Image preview
  • Fixed: Show invalid error message while extracting GZ format
  • Minor issues fixed

1.09 2018/2/2

  • Fixed: Security problem while processing archive password
  • Fixed: Can't extract RAR5's redirect attributed file
  • Minor issues fixed

1.08 2018/1/25

  • New: Header encryption option on the preferences for 7z compression
  • New: Multiple file selection by dragging after clicking a file
  • Fixed: Abnormal action after typing incorrect password for archive file with encrypted header
  • Fixed: Modified archive file can not be extracted from the Finder
  • Fixed: Exclude unnecessary files according to the preferences when adding files to the archive file
  • Fixed: "Ask for a destination folder" option is not applied.
  • Minor issues fixed

1.07 2018/1/9

  • New: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese support
  • New: 'Delete Archive' 'Open Archive Folder' in the tree control popup menu
  • New: 'Open destination folder' button in the status bar
  • New: 'Open destination folder' 'Open archive location' button in the Extraction dialog
  • New: Showing popup menu when you open an archive with the Command key
  • Fixed: Comment window height information is not stored
  • Fixed: 'Open the folder after extracting' is not worked
  • Minor issues fixed

1.06 2017/12/21

  • Fixed: Invalid folders are shown in sandbox accessible folder list
  • Fixed: Invalid texts are displayed when launching Bandizip
  • Fixed: "Hide 'Always use the selected function' menu" is not worked correctly
  • Fixed: Some word clipping problem on High Sierra
  • Minor issues fixed#endlang

1.05 2017/12/19

  • Languages added (English, Japanese)
  • Other minor issues fixed

1.04 2017/11/30

  • Fixed: Cannot extract multi-volume archive from Finder in some cases.
  • Fixed: Pressing stop button while opening an archive closes the window without a prompt
  • Added: Showing file names while opening multi-volume archive
  • Added: Displaying a message when a file is dropped on Bandizip
  • Added: Baltic languages and Thai code page
  • Improved: Codepage automatic recognition
  • Other minor issues fixed

1.03 2017/11/22

  • Added: Preference to manage sandbox folder access
  • Fixed: Folder access permission request window is always showing while decompressing
  • Fixed: Code page setting is not applied when extracting from Finder
  • Improved: Code page processing#endif

1.02 2017/11/16

  • Fixed: "Do not close window after decompression" option is not worked when extracting from Finder
  • Changed: "Do not close window after uncompressing" option to "Close window if there is no error after uncompressing"
  • "Fixed: ""Exclude Thumbs.db, .DS_Store, __MACOSX, file when archiving"" option is not worked properly"
  • Fixed: Image file in "Preferences -> File Association" is not displayed properly in High Sierra
  • Fixed: When you open another archive file after close archive, the previous file list appears
  • Fixed: Bandizip is not registered as a supported program of some archive types
  • Fixed: Window size changes when opening an archive file
  • Added: "Open Archive Folder" button in the bottom status bar
  • Added: Display detailed tooltip information of the archive file in the bottom status bar
  • Fixed: A file is not executed normally if the password is incorrect.
  • Other UI improvements#endif

1.01 2017/11/8

  • Fixed: A folder path is not changed when you choose a most recently used folder.
  • Improved: Automatically close the Extracting window when you use drag and drop extract.

1.0 2017/11/7

  • App Store launch