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Download Bandizip Beta Version

Download 7.33 Beta


This beta version is being released for testing purposes. Very frequent updates are expected.


  • Added a feature decompressing RAR7 archives
  • Improved features associated with BandiView
  • Improved the window asking how to handle duplicate files when decompressing an archive to be always above other windows
  • Added a feature showing the exact error code when Fast Drag & Drop fails
  • Fixed a bug in the internal image viewer
  • Fixed a bug in the console application (bz.exe)
  • Fixed a bug in the SFX compression
  • Added support for Latvian language
  • Fixed a bug in the codepage auto-detection
  • Fixed a bug that occurs with HiDPI
  • Improved the processing speed of the Password Recovery under certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug that occurs with OneDrive
  • Changed the font used in dialog boxes to MS Shell Dlg 2
  • Fixed a bug that creating TAR archives takes too much time
  • Other modifications