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How to merge a split ZIP archive manually

The feature "Repair Archive" of Bandizip only supports a single ZIP archive. If your corrupted archive is a split ZIP archive, or if you need to make a split ZIP archive into a single archive without re-compression for other reasons, you can merge the split ZIP archive manually with simple commands.

1. Check your files.

Split-compression in the ZIP format creates files with the extension "z01", "z02", ... and one with "zip" as shown below.

2. Merge the files.

Open the Terminal, move to the file location, and run the following commands.

cat sample.z01 sample.z02 >


Pay attention to the order in which you enter the file names. The "zip" file must come last. Because the files can be corrupted if wrong commands are entered, ensure to keep a backup copy of the original files.

3. Open the merged archive.

You can find that the "" archive has been created as shown below. You can open the merged archive or start to repair the archive.


The archive which has been merged via this method may fail to be opened, or may display an error message.